Putting the Me in Middot: Mussar Study for Professional Growth

Like a camper needs a summer home for their personal and spiritual health to be nurtured, so too do our camp professionals need a space for the same.

Our Mussar groups facilitated one-hour guided meetings with other camp professionals to gather and practice the art of spiritual development, Mussar. The experience of Mussar is grounded in deeply personal growth with a direct effect on professional growth as well.

Our meetings created space to ask questions, wonder about our answers, and develop awareness as we each make meaning of our experiences and continue navigating our worlds.

FJC is not currently running the Mussar program, but please reach out to Briana Holtzman (to learn more or be notified should the program relaunch.

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When Will Sessions Run?

Between November and April participants will meet per the schedule below. All meetings will be one hour and during the registration process participants will have an opportunity to select specific days/times that work best for them. Cohort meetings will be facilitator-led and chevruta meetings will be peer-to-peer meetings guided by facilitators intended for deeper, more personal reflection and study. 

  • Week of November 15: Cohort Opening Session 
  • Week of November 29: Cohort: Understanding 
  • Week of December 13: Chevruta: Understanding
  • Week of January 10: Cohort: Contentment
  • Week of January 24: Chevruta: Contentment 
  • Week of February 14: Cohort: Discipline
  • Week of February 28: Chevruta: Discipline 
  • Week of March 14: Cohort: Kindness 
  • Week of March 28: Chevruta: Kindness 
  • Week of April 11: Cohort: Wonder 
  • Week of April 25: Cohort Closing Session 
Who is Facilitating

Sessions are facilitated by FJC staff who have prior experience studying and facilitating Mussar coupled with an intimate investment in and understanding of the world of Jewish camping. 

Who Will Be in My Group?

Groups will be comprised of up to ten camp professionals from both day and residential camps with varying years of experience and roles. Enrollment is open to and encouraged for participants of any religious identity. 

What is Mussar Anyway?

Mussar is the Jewish practice of character development. It is a deeply spiritual and personal experience of studying Jewish texts, customs, and practices in order to cultivate the best versions of ourselves. Through cognitive study, personal reflection, journaling, and interpersonal connection, those who practice Mussar often find the outcomes of their practice result in heightened self-awareness, greater intentionality in their decision-making, reduced self-criticism, and more spiritually connected selves. 

I've Studied Mussar Before, Is This For Me?

This is for you! Mussar teaches us that spiritual development and personal growth have no final destination. Rather, the benefits are most deeply felt in the journey and by engaging with the practice along the way. Participants who are experienced with Mussar study can expect that these sessions will bring continued growth, understanding, and spiritual development.