Avram M Mendell

Avram M Mendell- Experiential Educator

Favorite Program

Judaism and Magic: Does Prayer Work? And Is Magic Real?, Judaism through Pickle-Making, Moral Courage: An Anti-Bullying and Social Justice Workshop

Pickle Making: Jewish Pickle Making is a hands-on pickle-making workshop. We will use Jewish texts, discussion and most importantly, we make pickles from scratch to connect Jewish cooking with the Jewish religion and culture. This workshop will teach about American Jewish history, Jewish laws of kashrut, and even discuss Talmudic texts mentioning pickle juice. At the end of each one-hour session, each participant will walk away with their very own jar of half-sour kosher pickles.
Judaism and Magic: A thought provoking workshop and discussion that uses magic tricks, mind-reading “tricks,” future predictions and more as a prompt to talk about the difference between prayer and magic. Professional Magician and standup comedy teacher Gerry Katzman and Jewish Educator Avram Mandell have teamed up to run a workshop on whether prayer works and is magic real.
Moral Courage and Anti-Bullying: How can you motivate yourself to stand up for what’s right? Through this interactive workshop, campers will identify moments in which they need to be an “ upstander” rather than a bystander. They will share stories, watch videos, studying Jewish wisdom and create an art project and an anti-bullying campaign for your camp. The participants will be inspired and learn new ways to become morally courageous during the summer and their everyday lives. This workshop will have a lasting impact on each camper and your entire camp community.

Key Topics

Food and Cooking, Jewish History, Jewish Text



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Participants really enjoyed the program and had good intelligent discussion about prayer, a topic we do not cover too much in our camp usually.

-Berkshire Hills Eisenberg Camp