Cornerstone Song Archive

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Every year for Cornerstone, in partnership with FJC, one of our educators writes an original song to be the anthem of that year’s seminar. Here are all the songs from years past –

*With the exception of Song Ayzehu and Climb That Mountain, all songs have an accompanying PDFs with lyrics and chords. We encourage you to record your own version of any of the songs and send it to Jordyn@jewishcamp.org to be featured on social media.

’22 – Grow, by Chana Rothman

’21 – Mah Norah, by Chana Rothman

’20 – Belong, by Noam Katz

’19 – Makom Echad, by Noam Katz

’18 – Im Rak Nalz, by Noam Katz

’17 – Zeh Bazeh, by Noam Katz

’16 – Know (Da Lifnei), by Noam Katz

’15 – Arevim, by Chana Rothman

’14 – A Good Name, by Chana Rothman

’13 – Gibor – Hero, by Naomi Less and Glenn Grossman

’12 – Ayeka, by Chana Rothman

’11 – Simplify, by Chana Rothman and C Lanzbom

’09 – U’faratzta, by Noam Katz

’08 – Climb That Mountain, by Yoni Stadlin and Davey Rosen

’07 – Song Ayzehu, by Josh Nelson Project