Hineini Resources

Type: Template
Topics: Jewish Values

In Jewish tradition, when someone asks “Ayeka? Where are you?” the response is “Hineni – I am here,” or “Here I am.”  We have created resources around this concept of Hineini that offer a framework for exploring how we show up and relate to one another, at camp and beyond. These tools are intended to be interactive—designed to help campers and staff dig into relationships and explore how they are created and sustained. Explore the posters and accompanying resources below.

We hope you’ll share with us how you use these resources this summer! We are always inspired by your creative ideas. Our team is also happy to answer any questions or talk through ideas you may have. Please be in touch at teri@jewishcamp.org or 646-278-4559.


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Symbolism on the Hineini Poster
Hineini Discussion Questions
Hineini Coloring Page
Ayeka: A Text Study for Older Campers & Staff
Splitting the Red Sea: A First Responder Game

These resources are made possible by the generous funding of Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah.