By: Foundation for Jewish Camp

Identifying and Responding to Self-Harm: A Functional Approach at Camp

Participants can expect to learn a non-judgmental approach to understanding the function of self-harm in children and adolescents in order to improve your ability to communicate about this issue with campers, staff, and concerned family members. This workshop will provide necessary information about the nature of self-harm in a camp setting, as well as best practices for discussing these behaviors with all community members. The average age of onset of self-harm is 11-15 years old, and 12-37% of secondary school students report engaging in self-harm at some point during adolescence. As social media and the entertainment industry increase exposure to self-injurious behaviors, it is essential that Jewish camps are prepared to identify and respond appropriately to these dangerous behaviors that impact individual campers as well as their peers, counselors, leadership, clergy, and caretakers.