Jonah Canner & Yehudah Webster

Jonah Canner & Yehudah Webster – Experiential Educators

Favorite Program

How to Talk about Anti-Semitism

Antisemitism and the conversations around anti-Semitism are more prevalent and relevant to the lives of our campers and our communities than they have been in decades. And yet, so many of us are at a loss to truly be able to place anti-Semitism within the context of other forms of oppression that make up the social fabric that our campers and communities are having to navigate on a daily basis. This summer, campers and counselors alike will be arriving at camp, the place where they have always found their strongest connections to the Jewishness, the Jewish culture, the Jewish values that they hold dear, with an abundance of questions and feelings that they will not necessarily have the ability to articulate, much less understand. This session will use experiential and discussion based activities to offer participants a framework for understanding anti-Semitism and where it fits into the social structure that we find ourselves in in North America. We will offer participants a language to articulate this understanding and tools to help themselves think and work through the impacts that the rise of acts of anti-Semitism are having on them and their communities.

Key Topics

Identity, Jewish Values, Social Justice



This program helped foster further healthy dialogue among and between our campers and staff about their experiences with antisemitism. I believe that these things had great positive impact upon our community.

-Camp Ben Frankel