Landon Braverman

Landon Braverman – Experiential Educator

Favorite Program

Build Your Own (Jewish Musical)

Build Your Own (Jewish) Musical is an immersive theatrical program that provides participants the exciting opportunity to be the creators and stars of their own new original show! Using a Jewish text or theme of the camp’s choosing, participants will learn how to write their own music, lyrics, and script, and then perform their creation for the rest of camp. No musical or writing experience is necessary – Landon’s inclusive collaborative approach ensures that every camper can use their own skills and imagination to contribute. Throughout the process, campers and counselors alike learn skills in team building, creativity, and leadership. Most importantly, it gives participants, and the camp at large, a beautiful sense of ownership for the story they have created, the values they have learned, and their own creative spirit they have explored.

Key Topics

Jewish Culture, Jewish Text, Jewish Values, Music and Rhythm, Storytelling, Theater,Writing



Landon was fantastic with the campers. The campers who participated as song writers all had the chance to think about their time at camp and apply the values they had been hearing about in their songs. They also felt a great sense of accomplishment by writing a song together. The program also brought different campers together than usual, allowing them the chance to share something with their peers that they hadn’t before. The whole camp enjoyed the performance as well. We hope that one or two of the songs might be taught and used for summers to come.

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