Marcie Yoselevsky

Marcie Yoselevsky- Experiential Educator

Favorite Program

The Greenhouse Project

This project focuses on creating immersive spaces that engage all the senses, sparking learning about plant life, alternative growing methods, natural resources, climates in Israel and the US, and the interconnectedness of the natural world and our human role in it. The Greenhouse Project will work with your camp to identify a space that lends itself to either a Green Wall, Hydroponic Pipes or a combination of the two. Both systems demonstrate how we can maximize our resources and grow plants in unlikely ways and places. The systems can be a great extension to a traditional farm at camp, contrasting conventional growing methods with innovative and high tech ones. Two members of the Greenhouse Project team will visit camp to construct the installation and train designated camp staff in working with the system, maintaining it and leading educational programming. Staff training will provide background on the project, time working with the installation and an opportunity to get to know and personalize the curriculum and guide materials.

Key Topics

Israel Programming, Nature, Science



The entire program was impactful and something we have never done here before.

-Camp Moshava Wild Rose