Melissa Shaw

Type: Educators

Melissa Shaw – Experiential Educator

Favorite Program

Is It Torah-annical? Wrestling with Ourselves: A Theater of the Oppressed Workshop

In this program we explore the fundamentals of Augusto Boal’s Theater of the Oppressed techniques, a theater methodology that helps us dig into truths about freedom and oppression, power and choice. After a foundational grounding in the method, we will layer, on top of our new responsive insights, an investigation of Judaism’s most intractable stories, laws, and conflicts. We will have an opportunity to put ourselves into famous moments of Jewish History and ask: what would you have said to Aaron when the Golden Calf was being built in Sinai? Was there another way things could have been resolved between Sarah and Hagar in Genesis? What can we learn from these stories (and more like them!) about who we are as Jews living today? By the end of our 3 -day- workshop, we will perform our ensemble-created short pieces and ask our camp to join us in wrestling with some of Judaism’s most famous dilemmas.

Key Topics

Jewish Text, Leadership Development, Performance



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The methods Melissa used worked super well for the younger kids and provided perspective on interesting new ways to actively engage them.

-Camp Shomria