MESSH Intern Projects

Pocket Affirmations Guide Created by Cassidy Orange and Joelle Newman

Post camp emotional unpacking journal for staff Created by Illanit Abraham and Carly Hurvitz

Maintaining a Bunk After Camp Created by Josh Hertz and Benny Klein

Staff Mood Playlists Created by Noa Fidel and Noy Okashi

Stretch It Out – Stretching and Meditation Guide Created by Natalie Ryba and Dalya Block

Packing List of Tools for First Year Staff, Created by Mitchell Friedman, Shari Goldberg, and Matthew Ghan

On Camp Day Off Ideas and Considerations, Created by Carly Chessin and Hannah Spevak

Gratitude Journal, Created by Anna Levine and Lucie Waldman

Mental Health Through the Ages, Created by Gabi Burkholz and Morgan Froke

LGBTQ+ Inclusivity Toolkit, Created by Jillian Bandler and Tally Levy

Guide to use the FJC Staff Self Care Pinterest Page, Created by Aric Acopa and Shayna Kling

Pocket Grounding Guide for Staff, Created by Hannah Gilman and Julia Frankel

Staff Appreciation Bank of Ideas, Created by Amanda Leventhal and Hannah Via

Time Off Guide for Staff, Created by Zachary Ellis and Lili Litnovetsy 

Mood Playlists, Created by Noa Landau-Camarillo and Amanda Thompson

Understanding and Navigating Camper Boundaries, Consent, and How It Relates to Mental Wellness, Created by Shmuel Berman and Charlotte Cooper

Sensory/Quiet Room, Created by Julia Parnes and Tiffany Padron

Self Care Checklists, Created by Harrison Bromberg and Elana Rebitzer

Social Emotional Skill Building, Created by Lindsey Kessler and Hope Phillips

Space Audit Checklist and Action Plan, Created by Eve Haras and Elisheva Malomet

Lunch N’ Learn Resource Guide, Created by Ben Shovers, Leia Withee, and Izzy Namath

CIT/SIT Training Curriculum, Created by Lexi Dockman

Building a Brave Bunk, Created by Erica Jonas; Alyssa Glucksman

Back Pocket Coping Activities for Campers and Staff, Created by Morgan Morris, Shoshana Maniscalco, and Ellie Lustigman

What is your MESSH Message? Created by Dani Sobel and Ciara Gouldsboro

FJC Mental Health Awareness Month Social Media Plan, Created by Gala Gonsalves and Hannah Aronow

The Great Escape, Created by Warner Morales

Social Emotional Skill Building, Created by Kayla Brumer and Maddie Starkenburg