Mood Playlists

Type: Guide
Topics: Community Care

Created by Noa Landau-Camarillo and Amanda Thompson

Welcome to FJC’s Mood Music Playlists! Here you’ll find nine ready-made playlists, color-coded for any

possible mood you might be feeling. While music can be incredibly personal, it also has a history of connecting people, which is why we encourage you to listen to these playlists alone, with friends, as a bunk, during the summer, or year-round. Not only does music serve as the connection between people, and therefore fulfilling one’s social health; music can also have a significant impact on mental, physical, and emotional health. For example, studies suggest that music decreases stress and increases overall health. Whether it be used as a coping mechanism, a distraction, an activity, a tool to soothe, a tool to energize, background music for programs, etc. we hope you enjoy these playlists!