By: Foundation for Jewish Camp

The Role of Camp in Gender Identity Exploration

Participants in this workshop will receive the information necessary to advocate for gender affirming environments at camp, as well as practical recommendations for adapting camp activities to allow for gender identity expression. You will receive tools for discussing gender identity with campers and staff, as well as engage in interactive discussions to better understand how individual and community biases interfere with gender identity exploration at camp. Gender identity development is a process that evolves throughout the lifespan, and both individual and community factors contribute to a sense of either freedom or shame in gender exploration. We’ll discuss how a k’hillah kedosha (holy community) can acknowledge and include the diversity of gender in all of their community spaces, especially in spaces as impactful at Jewish summer camp. As professionals at Jewish camp, we are responsible for the growth of our young people, and this workshop will help participants identify opportunities to allow for gender exploration at camp.