By: Jill Goldstein Smith

The State of Service at Jewish Camp

by Nora Feldhusen & Laura Menyuk Our teens tell us that service-learning is eye-opening, mind-bending, empowering, transformational; they tell us that it gives them skills, confidence, and a sense of purpose they haven’t found elsewhere. They tell us they’ve made resilient, ‘real’ connections to each other, their Judaism, and to their diverse American communities. Research tells us they vote more, stay philanthropically and civically engaged, have higher academic achievement, and seek meaningful, inspiring Jewish life. Service-learning done with integrity, is inherently challenging and messy ‘ but with great challenge comes great reward. Learn about the current state of service at camp, how service-learning is (must be) more than service, and isn’t (can’t be) a check-box. Finally, workshop exciting models for how to create and manage the logistics and activities of successful service-learning with intention and authenticity.


Download:   Starfish Hurling and Community Service State of Service at Camp, service at camp Resources Handout State of Service at Camp – Laura Menyuk AJSS, Service at Camp – Camp Interview Takeaways State of Service at Camp – Nora Feldhusen Repair the World PARE–A Model for Meaningful Service Projects State of Service at Camp, On Ethical and Effective Service Outcomes State of Service at Camp – Laura Menyuk AJSS Envisioning Service at Your Camp- State of Service at Camp – Laura Menyuk AJSSCivic Engagement – Empathy in Action – State of Service at Camp