The Validation Project

The Validation Project- Experiential Educator

Favorite Program

From Struggle to Superpower: How to Empower Yourself and Others to Change the World

“From Struggle to Superpower” is an award-winning, interactive program. At 14, Valerie was bullied brutally for being shy. Her Jewish community, especially her Jewish summer camp, inspired her to start a tikkun olam movement, The Validation Project, which is now a global youth empowerment organization. Now a college junior, Valerie’s humorous and inspiring speaking style has captivated audiences around the world. She shares the life lessons she’s learned through her own obstacles and provides the tools for campers and staff to increase self-confidence, push themselves out of their comfort zones, and turn passion into positive action to make their summer (and beyond) the most impactful it can be. Valerie can mold her program to reflect on a specific parsha, Jewish value, or message if desired. She has been featured in Oprah Magazine and CNN, and was recently named an L’Oreal Paris Woman of Worth.

Key Topics

Leadership Development, Social Justice, Tikkun Olam



For more information on The Validation Project, visit their website here.

It was such a pleasure having someone work directly with our campers who was able to frame something very important and relevant to them (bullying) in such a meaningfully Jewish and campy way.

-Bnai Brith Camp