Tomer Moked

Tomer Moked – Experiential Educator

Favorite Program

Jewish State of Mine

A Jewish State of Mine is a mind-blowing interactive program that invite a participants to imagine how would a second Jewish state would look like if we had a chance as a community to establish a new one. Introducing 4 stunning custom design board games and a deck of 80 knowledge cards, participants will create a proposal for a second utopian Jewish State, as well as discovering and discussing the complexities of Israel and the talk about the conflict. By experiencing the use of the board games, we will reveal more creative ways of using the kit to impact campers and staff throughout the summer!

Key Topics

Global Jewish Community, Historic Jewish Figures, Identity, Israel Programming, Jewish Culture, Jewish History, Jewish Values, Leadership Development, Team Building



For more information on Tomer Moked, visit their website here. 

Tomer is a very talented and creative educator.

Bnai Brith Perlman Camp