By: Tony J. Westbrook Jr.

Transgender Inclusion at Jewish Camp

Type: Template
Topics: Leaders Assembly

by Adam Benmoise, Louis Bordman, Sheira Director-Nowack, Josh Levine, Katie Quinn Camp is where people can be their best and most authentic selves. What can Jewish camps do to ensure that transgender campers and staff are fully part of their camp communities? Learn from five very different camps that have all successfully welcomed transgender campers and staff. From the initial communication with a transgender camper’s parents, to mission-based communications with the broader community; from training the staff, to anticipating curious campers’ questions; from hiring transgender staff, to designing inclusive facilities — get specifics about the diverse successes and challenges experienced by these camps. Significant time will be devoted to participants’ questions.


Download: Letter to Parents re Transgender Camper – Camp Alonim,  Parent Diversity E-mail – Camp JRF