Session Info for Liaisons - Cornerstone

Session Info for Liaisons

Liaison Elective Sessions

These sessions were developed in response to topic areas submitted by Directors in your camp’s Cornerstone application. Liaison Elective Sessions aim to provide you with new skills, ideas, and learning opportunities with other Liaisons and a variety of Faculty.

There are 3 Elective blocks for Liaisons:

Electives 1 & 2: Led by Cornerstone Advisor Faculty, these sessions focus on Jewish leadership, management, and team building.

See Liaison Elective Block 1

See Liaison Elective Block 2

In addition to a full menu of Jewish programming sessions, Liaisons who are working year-round for their camp can opt to participate in a “bite-sized” option (a shorter workshop) and use the balance of the time block for the work that just can’t wait.

Select one session in each Liaison Elective block.


Wake Up Your Day *These sessions are optional

These inventive and creative prayerful experiences are meant to help you consider fresh ways of approaching prayer or spirituality for yourself, your campers, or your peers.

Wake Up Your Day 1

Wake Up Your Day 2

Wake Up Your Day 3

Evening Experiences *These sessions are optional

Evening Experiences are opportunities for Fellows and Liaisons together to dive deeper into personal development and to consider their own Jewish life and leadership beyond camp more broadly. Some sessions are available each night and some offered only once.

Register for TWO different Evening Experiences, one for Monday and one for Tuesday.

See Evening Experience 1

See Evening Experience 2