Impact Report

2021/2022 Impact Report

Thanks to your support, we cannot help but be proud of how far we have advanced our mission over the past two years and enabled as many youth as possible to attend Jewish Camp.  From enhancing the quality of programming to improving accessibility and providing resources for professional development, FJC remains committed to advancing the field of Jewish camp, ensuring that every camper and counselor has a meaningful and transformative experience.

In both the field of Jewish camp and FJC internally, the last two years can be characterized by renewal, innovation, and transition.  In this impact report, we highlight some of the incredible achievements we have accomplished together, including our continued efforts to rebuild camper and counselor pipelines, and invest in the professional development of seasonal camp staff and full-time professionals.


2019/2020 Impact Report

Reflecting on our work at Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC) and the collective efforts of the field over the past two years—pre-pandemic and mid-pandemic—what is evident throughout, is the enduring and irreplaceable connection and community Jewish camp provides. Camp truly is year-round and lifelong.

We entered the pandemic with a solid foundation based on our work in 2019. Then 2020 came, and while the year brought tremendous disruption, it also brought out the absolute best in the field of Jewish camp, the broader Jewish communal world, and FJC’s own dedicated staff and lay leadership. As the world scrambled to adjust to the ever-evolving global health crisis, FJC made quick decisions and pivoted to bring major programs online. We partnered with and supported our camps in myriad ways, including the launch of new and innovative pilot programs to help them create virtual community and seize this opportunity for reimagining the path ahead. And we grounded ourselves in the knowledge that we would navigate through this storm.


2017/2018 Impact Report

Impact ReportThe positive impact of a summer at Jewish camp isn’t limited to a single camper for a single summer – it is year-round and lifelong, ongoing and unlimited, elevating families, synagogues, college campuses, and communities. Thanks to the generosity of so many people like you over the last twenty years, Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC) has been able to invest in, advocate for, and foster Jewish camp and its growth – and in doing so, help shape a more vibrant Jewish future.




2015/2016 Impact Report

Impact Report 2015-2016

In 2016, Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC) celebrated its 18th year. The engagement and generosity of our supporters allowed FJC to continue to provide the leadership and innovation to fulfill the mission of building a strong Jewish future through transformative summer experiences. Through the support of the community in 2015/2016 we were able to invest in leaders, amplify Jewishness, and expand the field. The focus for the 2015/2016 Impact Report was the Leadership Pipeline, 21st Century Jewish Life, and Jewish Day Camps. Our foundation is proud to work with 150+ day camps and 155+ overnight camps. These camps provide nearly 200,000+ campers, teens and college-age counselors the experience of Jewish camp.


2014 Impact Report

2014 impact reportIn 2014, Foundation for Jewish Camp was able to truly advance the field of Jewish camp and expand its impact on the community – by providing campers with the opportunity to create Jewish memories for a lifetime and to build the necessary skills to become our future Jewish leaders. We are proud that in 2014 77,000+ campers and 11,000+ college-aged counselors benefited from the magic of Jewish camp. Cumulatively, over the past 5 years, we have helped provide over 420,000 overnight camp experiences, introducing over 180,000 new campers to joyous Jewish summer experiences.


2013 Annual Report

2013 annual reportOver 15 years ago, Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC) was created to ensure that more kids benefit from the unparalleled experience of Jewish camp. In summer 2013, Jewish camp was home to more than 75,000 campers, a 3% increase from 2012. The joyous Judaism that camp inspires helps break down the barriers and silos which separate us from one another, providing a powerful example for the entire Jewish community. As we reach the halfway point in our five-year Strategic Plan, we are accessing our achievements and adapting our goals, focusing on three major initiatives: inclusion, affordability, and innovation.


2012 Annual Report

2012 annual reportFJC strives to make Jewish camp available to as many children as possible, and in summer 2012, Jewish camp was home to more than 73,000 campers, a 3% increase from 2011. The joyous Judaism that camp inspires helps break down the barriers and silos which separate us from one another, providing a powerful example for the entire Jewish community. Similarly, through the multiple approaches we have taken to making Jewish camp more accessible and appealing, FJC has brought together disparate camping entities to create a field that now stands at the apex of the Jewish communal agenda.