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The Camp Professional Healthy Mind Pursuits 

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Healthy Mind Pursuits is based on the Healthy Mind Platter, a concept developed by Dr. Dan Siegel and David Rock to showcase the seven activities that make up the full set of ‘mental nutrients’ that your brain needs to function at its best. Here are some fun (and definitely not trivial) challenges to help you pursue a healthy mind!

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Platter Wedge Description of Wedge Activity/Challenge Activity/Challenge Description
Physical Time When we move our bodies, aerobically if medically possible, we strengthen the brain in many ways. Embodied Movement Infusion with Yoshi Silverstein Join us on August 18th @ 2pm ET for an hour of deliberate and intentional movement where you will also learn new frameworks for incorporating more movement into your everyday life. RSVP here.
Connecting Time When we connect with other people, ideally in person, and when we take time to appreciate our connection to the natural world around us, we activate and reinforce the brain's relational circuitry. Coffee Dates Send us a snapshot or selfie from a coffee (or other beverage) meeting with a camp pro from another camp through this form! This first coffee is on you, but the next one is on us! Both members of these pairs will receive a $10 gift card for your next coffee date! (*Want to meet someone new? Email Teri to get a random assignment to make #newcampfriends)
Down Time When we are non-focused, without any specific goal, and let our mind wander or simply relax, we help the brain recharge. Team-Wide Scheduled Down Time As a camp team, can you take a little downtime? Calendar an hour on your team’s schedules that is just for each of you as individuals - no emails or other meetings allowed! The FJC team will be doing this from across the country at 1pm eastern on August 20th if you want to “join” us!
Time In When we quietly reflect internally, focusing on sensations, images, feelings and thoughts, we help to better integrate the brain. Guided Meditations from Alison Laichter Use the short, pre-recorded meditations below to quietly reflect - whether it’s while on a walk, lying down, or taking a bath.
Focus Time When we closely focus on tasks in a goal-oriented way, we take on challenges that make deep connections in the brain. Goal Setting Worksheet You have a TON going on - but do all of your tasks directly translate to a tangible goal? Spend a week using this goal setting doc to prioritize focus time.
Sleep Time When we give the brain the rest it needs, we consolidate learning and recover from the experiences of the day. Sleep Challenge At camp we ritualize sleep, but are you doing that at home? Take a camp ritual (bedtime or wake-up) and adapt it for your home life. Showcase your adaptations on social media and tag us!
Play Time When we allow ourselves to be spontaneous or creative, playfully enjoying novel experiences, we help make new connections in the brain. Camp Pro Minute to Win It! Join camp professionals from across the field for a high energy, hour long playtime on August 6th at 8pm ET. RSVP here.

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