Summer Posted January 10, 2024

Director of Camper Care

Camp Mountain Chai


Supervised by: Camp Director
Dates: June 2 – August 7, 2024
Salary Range: $6,000 – $10,000

Summer Responsibilities:
• Review camper files prior to each session for the purpose of assessing and anticipating campers’ needs
• Consult with parents, mental health professionals, and/or other appropriate person(s) to address any concerns
and in making appropriate accommodations prior to campers’ arrival
• Serve as supervisor for Camper Care Specialist, performing regular evaluations and supporting him/her
• Work closely with the Unit Leaders, Camp Director and Health Center staff to monitor the overlap of the physical
and emotional wellbeing of campers
• Debrief and provide support and guidance to campers and/or staff after camper disclosures, crises, or
stressful/traumatic events
• Provide on-going guidance and support to staff when responding to situations that arise with campers, including
camper adjustment issues and/or separation anxieties, bullying, teasing, homesickness, moments of sadness, or
other mental health concerns
• Provide on-going support to staff in determining the appropriate response to campers’ behavioral /emotional/
mental health needs
• Assist Unit Leaders in ensuring camper cards are accurate in advance of each session
• Be alert to issues that may arise from reviewing camper files and work with counseling staff as appropriate
• Keep Camp Director and appropriate Unit Heads informed of all camper situations and issues as they arise
• Create proper documentation of Camper Care issues and relevant communications with parents/staff
• Consult with parents to provide updates and problem-solve any challenges in situations where behavior or
adjustment issues arise
• Communicate with the camp administrators– prepare and submit reports, forms, parent letters, and evaluations
• Make recommendations to the Camp Director to be sure any necessary follow-up with families occur
• Check CampMinder at least twice daily for message
• Maintain the Sensory tent area and replace Camper Care Sensory items as needed
• Adhere to Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC) requirements set forth in the Yedid Nefesh Grant

Pre-Camp Responsibilities:
• Communicate with the Camp Director at the CMC office on a regular basis leading up to Camp
• Familiarize yourself with CampMinder, our camper database
• Become familiar the Camper Care structure
• Develop mental health/Camper Care training modules, in coordination with Camp Director and Camper Care
Specialist to facilitate relevant trainings during Staff Orientation Week
• Participate in staff training and lead appropriate workshops
Leadership Staff Responsibilities:
• Attend daily meetings, participate in formulation and implementation of camp policy, perform various
administrative responsibilities
• Directly responsible for the cleanliness and care of living space – includes pre and post camp inventory of cabin
• Assist in facilitation and execution of all-camp programs as determined by the camp administration
• Build a strong and positive relationship with campers: help every camper make friends, become acclimated to
camp life, grow toward his/her potential, and become a part of the community
• Responsible for the health and safety of campers at all times
• Able and willing to work with a variety of staff members in a calm, collected manner at all times
• Participate in leadership staff orientation and create staff development programs throughout the summer
• Participate regularly and enthusiastically in all camp programs
• Participate regularly and enthusiastically in all Judaic programming, including Shabbat programming
• Adhere to goals, mission, and philosophy of Camp Mountain Chai
• Act as a Jewish role model at camp through identity, community, and leadership




• Strong background and experience in psychology, social work and/or related fields
• Desire and ability to work with children and young adults in a camp setting
• Be a self-starter and able to work with minimum amount of supervision
• Must have strong leadership skills, ability to motivate, manage and counsel
• Ability and willingness to live by Jewish concepts and values in camp community
• Ability to maximize the skills and talents of staff members at camp
• Ability to communicate with, relate to, and serve as an example to all campers and staff
• Ability to be a front-of-the-room presence
• Ability to accept guidance, constructive feedback, and support
• MSW or equivalent degree/experience strongly preferred
• Minimum age requirement: 21+

How to Apply

This position description is not intended to be all-inclusive, but is intended to be a generalized guide of the job duties.
Management may change the job responsibilities and job expectations based on business requirements. This position is
intended to comply with all known State and Federal regulations.
To Apply:
• Please go to https://campmountainchai.campintouch.com/ui/forms/application/staff/App
• Questions? Please contact Camp Director, Rachel Shyloski at Rachel@campmountainchai.com
• For more information, please go to http://campmountainchai.com/ or call (858) 499-1330

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