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Posted Mar 2, 2022 Job Length Summer


Under the supervision of the Community Care Director and Camp Director the Community Care Coordinator is the primary professional responsible for the development of successful mental health support structures for staff. This is a seasonal summer full-time non-exempt position, with part-time hours before summer session begins.

Job Summary: The Community Care Coordinator is a vital part of the Camp George team, assisting the Community Care director with inclusion efforts of our main camp program. They provide ongoing support to create a successful experience for campers with a range of MESSH (Mental, Emotional, Social, Spiritual Health) needs at camp. Working closely with the Community Care Director and the Camp Directors, this person provides both administrative support as well as direct service to campers and staff to provide an inclusive and welcoming environment.


o Supports campers and the staff working with those campers with a wide range of special needs, who are mainstreamed in the camp environment

o Supports campers and the staff working with those campers who present with requiring extra support in the camp environment while at camp (homesickness, social emotional challenges, routines and hygiene, etc.)

o Provides training to camp staff during staff orientation week on the needs of campers in the camp environment with specific training on supporting children with special needs in camp

o Helps to develop individual care plans for campers when needed, including specific strategies for success based on camper screening, experience from previous summers, direct contact from parents and teacher

o May provide direct contact throughout the session with parents of campers with special needs to keep them updated on their camper’s experience, and ensure a ‘partnership approach’ with them

o Designs and helps implement modifications to program and activities to accommodate children who may require them

o Provide training and support to all staff in camp as it relates to working with campers with special needs – specialists, unit heads, health centre, kitchen staff

o Helps to maintain logs and records of all information pertaining to supporting campers in the camp’s online database – including interventions, parent phone calls, etc.

o Assists with various camper care administrative systems in camp such as sociogram meetings, end of session camper profiles, etc.

o Is part of the larger Hanhallah (senior staff) team and takes on responsibilities accordingly (night supervision, unit support, day to day policy decisions, etc.)

o Participate in Foundation for Jewish Camp’s Community of Practice as part of our camp’s place in the Yedid Nefesh program, including two or three virtual gatherings and one in-person gathering per year with other Jewish camp mental health professionals


To Be Determined


• A Graduate or higher level degree in a mental health field; previous experience in a camp, school, or similar setting preferred.

• Background in formal and/or informal Jewish education/camping

• Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with campers, parents, staff, community partners

• Ability to create behaviour modification plans for individual campers

• Ability to modify camp programming to meet the needs of campers and staff

• Ability to listen well, resolve conflicts, and perform as a leader in a fast paced and demanding work environment

• Experience supporting children, teenagers, and/or adult mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health – in proactive and reactive ways

• An ability to think critically and act swiftly in high stress situations

• Attention to detail in documentation and maintaining records

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills and comfort in communication with children and young adults

• The inclination to be a caring, empathetic, patient, hardworking, and diligent professional who takes initiative and is creative, enthusiastic, open-minded, and high-energy

• Strong abilities to function both independently and as part of a team

• Ability to be self-motivated and able to thrive during a long work day

• Ability to be in camp from June 23, 2022 through August 21, 2022

The ideal candidate is interested in being in this role for at least 3 years while our camp participates in the Yedid Nefesh program. This relationship will be reviewed on a yearly basis during that time, with the hope that the relationship can continue beyond the 3 year grant program period.

How to Apply

All applications can be emailed to Lauren Grundland, Associate Camp Director,

Contact Information

Camp Name

URJ Camp George

Job Title

Community Care Coordinator

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45 Good Fellowship Road, Seguin, Ontario, P2A 0B2, United States