Community Care CoordinatorAt Capital Camps

Posted Dec 16, 2021 Job Length Year Round


The Community Care Coordinator serves as an integral member of the Capital Camps Community Care
team. Capital Camps is known for exceptional camper care, and it begins with our Community Care
team, which includes the Camp Director, the coordinator and a team of seasonal Yoetzot (plural of
Yoetzet), liaisons. Whereas our nurses and doctors focus on the physical health of our campers and
staff, the Community Care team focuses on their social, emotional, and mental health. Our Yoetzot are
licensed social workers, therapists, clinical psychologists, school guidance counselors, and experienced


  • Before Camp (20 hours/week)
    – Implement creation of updated camper forms and staff intake forms (ex., applications, medical
    forms, “all about my camper” forms)
    – Review camper and staff files before arrival at camp; reach out to parents and staff to discuss any issues
    noted in the intake process; collaborate with therapists and medical professionals
    – Create plans for campers that require extra support from the camper care team
    – Create and implement staff training before and during camp, utilizing seasonal Yoetzot staff on
    topicsincluding but not limited to: fostering positive social interactions, managing challenging camper
    behaviors and interpersonal disputes, identifying and supporting campers with special needs,
    homesickness and self-care.
  • During Camp (full-time; residing at Capital Camps)
    – Collect and maintain thorough camper and staff records (documentation important for tracking how
    campers and staff are supported as well as future summer placements
    – Provide crisis support for collaboration with outside agencies such as CPS by facilitating mandated
    reports and supervising staff and Leadership Team members as needed, in accordance with CCRC
    – Support campers’ social and emotional needs in collaboration with their counselors, village leaders
    and seasonal Yoetzot. This includes providing ongoing camper support with discipline issues, peer
    interactions, mental health concerns and campers’ inability to adjust to the camp environment.
    – Provide ongoing support to staff in collaboration with village leaders, supervisors and seasonal
    Yoetzot, to facilitate camper care duties and co-counselor interactions.
    – Support Staff with social and emotional needs, in collaboration with the Camp Director and seasonal
    – Coordinate seasonal Yoetzot including taking on direct responsibly to support a case load of campers
    and/or staff
    – Act as an integral member of the Leadership Team
    – Assist the Director or designee with camper and parent issues
    – Other duties as assigned
  • Ongoing
    – Communicate with parents before, during and after camp as needed
    – Work with the retreat staff to find ways to incorporate MESSH into our retreat offerings
    – Participate in Foundation for Jewish Camp’s Community of Practice as part of our camp’s participation in the Yedid Nefesh program, including two or three virtual gatherings and one in person gathering per year with other Jewish camp mental health professionals
    – Commit to regular online reporting as required by the Yedid Nefesh program


– Mental health professional, graduate-level or higher degree (LSW-C preferred)
– Experience working with youth between the ages of 8 and 17 and young adults between the ages of 18
and 25 (overnight camping experience preferred)
– Experience designing and executing plans ensuring client/participant success; knowledge of various
treatment techniques
– Proven experience working successfully in team-based settingsin a fast paced/high stress environment
– Strong written and verbal communication skills, developed administrative skills, and a positive attitude about being flexible in a dynamic work space
– The ability to work independently and proactively, as well as the capacity for effective collaboration and support of others
– The ideal candidate is interested in being in this role for at least 3 years while our camp
participates in the Yedid Nefesh program. This relationship will be reviewed on a yearly basis
during that time, with the hope that the relationship can continue beyond the 3 year grant
program period

How to Apply

Please send cover letter and resume to

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Capital Camps

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Community Care Coordinator

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12750 Buchanan Trail East, Waynesboro, PA, 17268, United States