Communications and Marketing Coodinator

Communications and Marketing Coodinator

The role of the communication and marketing coordinator is to shape and share key messages, language, images, and media that represent Camp Ramah in the Poconos. Through collaboration with senior leadership, this position will develop and implement organization-wide communications and marketing content that furthers the mission of CRP and broadens the organization’s visibility and reach.

– Determine, manage, and execute annual communication schedule

– Produce and publish regular e-newsletters for camp parents and broader community, emails related to year-round engagement events, and urgent/time sensitive announcements

– Maintain accurate distribution lists with ongoing reviews and updates

– Manage digital content, existing libraries, and new content to achieve results-based communications

– Produce and publish regular (at a minimum: weekly year-round, daily during the summer) content for all social media outlets (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) focused on: camp community building, recruitment and retention of campers and staff members, and alumni engagement

– Create original content, sourcing images, video, writing, and editing materials for donors, alumni, prospective campers, current camp families, and staff members

– Manage the Ramah Poconos and Ramah Day Camp websites and serve as primary person responsible for ensuring updated content and adding new material

– Manage use and promotional materials including general brochures and flyers for camp as well as special events and programs


– Oversee the supervision of photographers and videographer/s to ensure the collection of accurate content needed for summer and year-round communications

– Supervise production and publication of weekly video and of photos according to a weekly schedule

– Produce and publish weekly newsletters for camp parents

– Capture needed content to execute off-season communications projects