Cornerstone Daily Schedule

Monday, May 22

9:00am EDT

“A New Dawn” Israel: A Light Unto the Nations?

Crafternoon: Morning EditionErasure Poetry

Exploring Grounding

Exercises Through Journaling

Ga’avah: What Does Pride Mean to You?

High Energy Israeli Dances

Let’s Get Moving!

Moving Mindfulness: Qigong to Start Your Day

Nature Wonder Painting

Pixar and Cereal

S’morning Joy

Sacred Photography

Screaming Meditation

Tzitzit Making: Learn to Tie Your Own Set

10:00am EDT

Building & Motivating Teams

Building Inclusive Communities: Disabilities Inclusion

Cooking and Hospitality

Exploring Jewish Education through the BIG Camp-Wide Moments

Facilitating Self and Other on the Challenge Course – and Beyond!

Israeli Dancing

Jewish Text and Wisdom

Mental HealthNature: Back to the Basics

Queering Camp to Create Collective Community

Revitalize the Stories of Our Tradition

Sacred Time: Turning Moments into Memories

ScienceSocial Justice

The Quiet Spaces at Camp

The Teen TrackVisual Arts

Working with Younger Campers

You’ve Got the Music in You: Songwriting for Everyone

2:30pm EDT

Braiding the Group: Games for Connectivity

Building Squishy Circuits with Playdoh

Collaborating With Our Mistakes

Developing Empathy & Friendship: Creating Bunk Signs

Expressing Gratitude through Collaborative Collaging

Israel/Palestine through Maps: An Exploration of Narratives

Israeli Culture Experience

Marking Moments to Build Resilience

Notice and Wonder: Building Identity Portraits

Pickling: Preservation of Jewish Food and Culture

Purposeful PlayThe Art of Sacred Rest for Teens

The Terror of the Blank PageTime to Go to Sport! — Leveling the Playing Fields at Camp

Communication Style Flexing

Feedback Through the Lens of Midot (Values)

Meaningful Moments for the Spiritual Skeptic

Planning Today For Tomorrow

Reflective Practice for Me and My Team

Take Two: When Program Revision is a Great Decision

What’s Race Got To Do With It? Foundations of Race Equity

8:00pm EDT

BlessFest ’23: If You Sense Something, Bless Something!

Brie, Baguette, and Bonfire: A Shavuot Experience

Bringing Your Best, Wildest, and Most Memorable Camp Stories to Life!

Glowing With Gifts: Black Light Party

Let’s Eat: New Foods for the Jewish Soul

Ma Rabu: A Series of Wonder-ful Team-Based Challenges

Midnight Madness – Basketball for AllMoon Magic

Notice, Wonder, Revolution: An Evening of Resistance and Creation

The Torah of Dylan & DeadWe’re All In: A 5-Senses Immersion Experience

Where’s Elijah? An Interactive Mystery

Tuesday, May 23

10:45am EDT

Anti-Racist Tools for Teens

Braiding the Group: Games for Connectivity

Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

Improv Your Camp LifeIsraeli Culture Experience

Jewish Dungeons & Dreidels: A Midbar Quest

Know Thy Directions: Exploring Nature and Our Moral Compass

Marking Moments to Build Resilience

Notice and Wonder: Building Identity Portraits

On Broadway, Identity Formation, and Being a Teen

The Teddy Baby Bureau of Investigation: An Open-Ended Scavenger Hunt

The Terror of the Blank Page

Using Camp to Catapult Your Career

WOW Walk

Building a Positive Staff Culture

Finding the Radical in Amazement — Providing Positive Feedback

Group Dynamics: The Moon Effects the Tide

Living and Teaching Your Camp’s Values

Supervising With Restorative Leadership

Surviving and Supervising Gen Z

You Matter: Own Your Gifts

2:00pm EDT

100 Blessings Walk

Acrostics of Awe: Crafting Tokens of Radical Amazement

Bubble Meditation and Jubilation

Creating Intentions and Discovering Imperfections with Clay

Digging Into DreamsFriendship Bracelet Rugs

Get Out Your Giggles: Laughing Yoga

La’Suach Ba’Sadeh – Exploring and Conversing in the Field

Loop Loop Loop Your Collective Creativity

Oooh, That Smell: Sniffing With Intention

Prayer for the Artistic and Musical Soul

Slow Down, Dive DeepSports and Games to Get Your Blood Pumping

Storytime: Fostering Creation and CreativityThe Play’s the Thing

3:00pm EDT

Break Bread and Build Bonds: Meaningful Meals for Cabin Community

Bringing Out Our Best Schticky Self: A Guide for Beginners

Design Thinking for Program Planning

Don’t Flip Your Lid: Restorative Strategies for De-Escalating Conflict

Fresh, Focused, and Flexible: Self-Reflection at Camp

How to Lead a Discussion: Where Campers Actually Participate

Improv is Everywhere: Skills for Facilitation

Integrating Permaculture and the Four Directions in Your Program Design

Nonverbal Communication

Noticing and Interacting with Anxiety During Programs

Programming and Facilitating for LGBTQIA+ Belonging

Programming for Different Energy Levels

Programming From Your Passions: For You and Your Campers

Project and Program Management: How to Do What You Said You Would Do

We Got This: Bringing Our Unique Gifts to Facilitation

Backpocket Supervision Tools

Beyond Babel — Facilitating with Shared Purpose, Norms, Goals, and Meaning

Disrupting White Supremacy from the Inside Out

Eitz Chayim: The Technology of Trees and How Trees Help Camp and Campers

Ritualizing Recognition

Self-Advocacy May Be the Most Jewish Thing You Can Do!Social Justice Lens

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