The Jewish Community Response and Impact Fund (JCRIF)

Camp Interest-Free Loan Program Overview

Program Overview:

The interest-free loan program will provide short-term unsecured loans to alleviate (short-term) cash flow challenges and to enable organizations to maintain services and/or make payroll in the coming 3-6 months while they: (i) assess contingency plans, including responsible expense reductions; (ii) access other loans or interim financing, either through the CARES Act or through private banking; (iii) undertake new or reoriented fundraising plans; and/or (iv) begin to conceptualize strategic transactions, including consolidations, mergers, or structured wind-downs.

In partnering with JFNA, FJC is representing our network of Jewish overnight camps in the application process. We are utilizing data collected through our 2019 census and 2020 ConCensus to help guide decision-making while administering the first round of applications.

These are short-term loans (approximately 4 years with initial repayment not due for approximately 1 year. (See Full Loan Requirements.)  The minimum loan size for camps is $250,000. FJC will be making loan size recommendations based on each camp’s projected deficit, adjusted for SBA loan, JCamp180 matching grants, local federation support, other grants/donations and your camp’s saving measures (this data will be taken from the ConCensus). FJC expects JCRIF to balance providing substantive loans to highly qualified camps with maximizing the number of camps supported. All decisions will be made by the JCRIF.

Applications are due EOD Monday, November 2nd.

Who Should Apply?

Preference will be given to camps who meet the below criteria:

  • Serve 200+ unique campers per summer
  • Have an annual operating budget of $1M+
  • Have a full-time year-round camp director and minimum of 3 year-round staff members.
  • Have ACA accreditation
  • Are part of FJC’s Overnight Camp Network and are based in the United States

For camps that do not meet all of these guidelines, considerations may be made on a case-by-case basis for camps that serve underserved communities and populations.

Strong Applicants Include:

  • Camps that are eligible for Small Business Administration loans or have another separate commitment of funds sufficient to pay down this short-term loan (or have a clear and likely plan for fundraising and/or revenue generation to pay down the loan, but need a bridge loan to get to the point that such funds can be of use);
  • Camps that can indicate a reasonable likelihood of repayment of the loan from earned revenue, long-term loans, fundraising income, etc. within a maximum period of 48 months.
How Will It Work?

There will be two phases to the loan process.

Phase 1:

Complete the preliminary application to FJC.  The data gathered through the application in combination with 2019 Census and 2020 ConCensus data will be collected and organized for JFNA. JFNA and the Funder Coalition will review information and recommend which camps will be invited to participate in Phase II.  Please note that funding may occur in stages/waves.

Phase 2:

Camps will be invited to apply and submit an application to the Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF). The loan program will be based through NFF, which will act as the loan fund administrator and lender of record.  NFF will be asking for the same financial disclosure.  Please keep your records. FJC will send you a copy of your completed application.

Click Here For JCRIF Loan Requirements

View a PDF of the application.