Common MESH Struggles: Mental Emotional Social Health 101


This workshop will provide a basic overview of the most common mental, emotional, and social health (MESH) issues facing children and adolescents so camps can be better prepared to provide support for all campers and staff. Anxiety, depression, ADHD, Autism, eating disorders, ODD, OCD, substance use, trauma, and loss –  often our understanding of these issues come from the media, pop culture, or personal experience. As such, it can be challenging to be sensitive to the MESH struggles our campers may be experiencing. In this session, participants will learn some of the common MESH challenges that campers might be facing and how they may present or show up in camp, and some ways to equip counselors with the tools support campers’ MESH needs.

  • Keywords: Camper Care community care Mental Health Mental Health & thriving at Camp 2019 thriving well-being wellbeing Wellness