When is the virtual Leaders Assembly taking place? 

Monday, March 16th between 11am ET/8am PT and 7pm ET/4pm PT

What’s the schedule for the day? 

Check out our schedule online.  Links to participate in each session’s Zoom Room will be posted in each session’s description by the weekend

Can my colleagues who were not previously registered for Leaders Assembly in Baltimore participate virtually?  

Yes! The more the merrier – please share information with your colleagues, lay leaders, camp supporters, etc.

Do I need any special technology to participate? 

We will be hosting all sessions on the video platform Zoom. If you’d like to learn more about this technology, here are a couple great tutorials:

How to join a meeting

Participating in a webinar 

Links to participate in each session’s Zoom Room will be posted in each session’s description by the weekend

Is pre-registration required for the virtual sessions?  

Nope! We look forward to seeing you online on Monday. 

Are there limits to how many people can attend a session? 

We won’t be limiting attendees numbers in sessions. However, if there is a significant amount of time that passes after a session’s start and no one attends, the room may be closed (so please arrive on time, as you would in-person).

What is the cost to attend? 

Just your time and full presence! There is no financial commitment or cost to attend. If you would like to make a donation to FJC to help offset the cost of the virtual conference, we would be grateful for your support here.

What is the conference attire? 

Show your camp spirit by wearing your favorite camp-branded attire (at least from the waist up, since many sessions will encourage your participation with your videocam on)! We’ve got spirit yes we do, we’ve got spirit, how ‘bout YOU?!

Why is FJC doing a virtual conference?

Out of an abundance of caution and a commitment to health and safety, FJC  made the hard decision to cancel the in-person Leaders Assembly 2020 scheduled to take place March 15-17 in Baltimore, Maryland.

We know you share our disappointment and sadness in having to make this determination. We are excited to connect with all our colleagues and the wider field virtually. 

PLUS, in the spirit of camp, we love to try new things. Innovation is about taking a chance on good ideas – and we’re excited to engage in this experiment with your enthusiastic support.

Are these the only offerings? A session I was excited about is no longer listed #sadface

Unfortunately we could not pack three days of amazing Leaders Assembly programming into a few hours online, but we do plan to host additional virtual sessions on a host of topics in the coming weeks. 

We will also be sharing some materials from our presenters, in addition to newly created educational resources, for your camps and communities on Campopedia and elsewhere. (Keep an eye on our social media and Kol Machane newsletters!) 

If you are eager to talk about a particular topic or question with your colleagues today, check out the Virtual Campfire. 
What is the Virtual Campfire?

Want s’more conversation? Come hang by the campfire! This virtual hangout space is perfect for engaging in “hallway” talk that you might be missing from an in person. Using this platform, you can engage in a conversation by suggesting a topic or joining an ongoing chat. Use the “chat” function to message everyone, individuals you see in the room, or the FJC moderator directly.

Have a question about a technical issue or upcoming sessions? You can also engage with an FJC employee about that at the campfire.

Questions? Contact assembly@jewishcamp.org.