The consistent use of templates reinforces brand aesthetics across all modes of communication.


As we start to see a return to in-person events, we will begin ordering business cards & magnetic name badges every fall and spring. A member of the marketing team will put a call out to all staff when it’s time to order again. If you find yourself in need of replenishment before then, please reach out to Aimee at aimee@jewishcamp.org.


For email communication, use the standard Arial font (10pt), and please make sure that your signature reflects the following layout and colors. Feel free to copy and paste from a colleague’s signature and update your name, pronouns, title, and phone.

Additional Signature Messaging​

​There are times we will want to promote a specific message or initiative at the bottom of our signatures. In that event, the marketing team will send out an email with an example of the new signature. When you receive that email, please update your signature as soon as possible to ensure consistency throughout our organization.​




We have pre-printed reams of letterhead stationery that include our logo and address in the copy room of the NY office. In order to print on this stationary, please create your document using these templates:

For formal letters (to a funder, a grantee, etc.), use the version with our board leadership in the left margin.

For informal letters, use the version without the board list.​

NOTE: If your letter runs over the first printed page, use the blank Mohawk stationary paper for subsequent pages.​


We also have two other letterhead templates in the Branding Materials folder on Sharepoint. They are called FJC E-letter W Board and FJC E-letter No Board. These are meant to be used electronically only (email, web, etc) and are not meant to be printed out. As you’ll notice, the templates already contain our logo and address graphics. Any letter produced using these templates should be converted to a pdf file before sending.



Memos are used to formally document or request noted changes, agreements, or standards. While email has mostly replaced their use, they are still used at times in communication with external partners or funders.

Memo Template


Employees should activate their out-of-office phone and email messages (both internal and external) when they are away from the office for a full weekday or longer (including Jewish holidays on which we are closed).​

​Sample phone message:​

You have reached the voicemail of Happy McCamper at Foundation for Jewish Camp, I will be out of​ the office through Monday, Feb. 1st. If you need immediate assistance, please contact Gaga Pitt at (646) 278-45XX. Otherwise, please leave me a message, and I will return your call on Monday. Thank you.​

Sample email text:​

Thank you for your email. I am currently out of the office and will return on Monday, Feb. 1st. If you need immediate assistance, please email Gaga Pitt at gaga@jewishcamp.org. Otherwise, I will respond to your email on Monday. Thank you.​


PowerPoint Template


Have questions about brand guidelines? The marketing team is here to help! Send us a question on Slack in #askmarketing, or contact one of us directly.