Mission & Values

Our Mission

To lead the field of Jewish camp to adapt its successful, immersive learning experience to a rapidly changing world.

Our Vision

Greater numbers of campers, counselors, and families participating in Jewish camp experiences that deliver high-impact, adaptive programs strengthen camp’s role as a year-round, lifelong experience for growing and invigorating the Jewish community.

Our Values

Community-Mindedness Areyvut  |  ערבות
We collaborate with trust, teamwork, and consideration.

Excellence  |  Metzuyanut  |  מצוינות
We set high standards and deliver with accountability and integrity.

Joy  |  Simcha  |  שמחה
We bring presence, passion, humor, and authenticity to our work.

Agility  |  Zerizut  |  זריזות
We adapt with thoughtfulness, flexibility, and open-mindedness.

Social Responsibility  |  Achrayut  |  אחריות
We commit to each other and embrace diverse, equitable, inclusive, and safe communities.

Imagination  |  Dimyon  |  דמיון
We look at the world with wonder and curiosity and see potential for creative approaches and responses.


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