Key Messaging


Our name is Foundation for Jewish Camp(Please note the absence of “the” before our name.) You may use FJC for short, but do not put “the” in front of it. No periods are necessary.​


Jewish Summers. Jewish Future.​

​Note the use of “Jewish summers” to connote not only overnight camp but also day camp and other summer experiences. While we have expanded our focus to include year-round engagement, the bulk of our work continues to be anchored in summer. “Jewish future” is our preferred term for Jewish continuity.​


“Boilerplate” messaging is a descriptive paragraph routinely found on press releases and official documents. It is comprehensively descriptive and necessarily somewhat boastful. Note that the last 3 lines in the 100-word version include statistics on our impact and reach and should be updated annually. (Current numbers are from 2019 and will be updated when the 2021 Census results are complete.)

100 Words

50 Words

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